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fiber-reinforced polymer

Our FRP Products


Profiles >

FIBRPRO® profiles are pultruded FRP shapes which consist of glass rovings, continuous strand mat and surface mat or other well materials..


Ladder >

Being corrosion resistant, FIBRPRO® profiles are ideal substitutions for steel or even stainless steel components...


Railing >

FIBRPRO® offers two rail systems: square tube rail system and round tube rail system. Customers can choose according to their demand...


Gratings >

FIBRPRO® gratings are divided into three groups. Pultruded FRP Gratings / Moulded FRP Gratings / Casting Stone Grating


Platform & Staircase >

Being corrosion resistant, FIBRPRO® profiles, gratings ladders and railings can be assembled to form comprehensive shape of platforms and ...


Cover & Deck Panels >

FIBRPRO® FRP covers are perfect solution to enclosing sewage tanks, chamber, pit and channels as the major part of the odour control...


Baffle Panels >

FIBRPRO® FRP baffle panels are ideal for underwater flow control applications due to its lightweight and high strength integrated...


Louver & Shelter >

FIBRPRO® FRP louvers are assembled of pultruded FRP profiles such as S bars and C channels of the load bearing members..


Rebar >

FIBRPRO® FRP Rebars are manufactured using the pultrusion process. They are used as concrete rebar due to their corrosion resistance or ...


Protective Layer >

FIBRPRO® composite matrix can be used as an anti-corrosion protective layer. The most common application is to apply ...


Concreting Formwork >

FIBRPRO® FRP formwork is an economical solution for concreting specialist designs...


Cladding &Signage >

FIBRPRO® FRP is an ideal cladding material has aesthetic properties, durability, impact resistance...


Planter & Features >

FIBRPRO® Composite is an ideal material for artistic sculpture products. it can be formed to indoor decorations, outdoor furniture, theme park...


Pipeline >

There are two methods of manufacturing FRP pipes – Filament Winding (FW) and Centrifugal Casting (CC). FIBRPRO® can provide pipes made from these...